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1. A wanna-be scene kid from CBS.

Usually with a thick bay accent and no sense of anything remotely hardcore. Most likely shops at Claire's and Ardene's and refers to themselves as "scene". Which everyone knows is completely taboo. Girls will love bright, gaudy plastic jewelry, way too thick makeup, coloured skinny jeans and fake converse. Guys will favour skin tight skinny jeans (most likely borrowed from their CBScene girlfriend), band shirts such as "Slipknot" and other such obviously outdated metal bands, and multiple bandannas. They will be sporting long greasy hair or the remnants of a short and spiky emo cut. They will be unavoidably annoying, and will love to talk extensively about the nothing they know about music and probably "love Twilight so much they could burst".

They will follow any trend, and are extremely susceptible to catchy pop and hip hop songs, and will try to pass off such as "scene".

Prolonged exposure to such beings will result in a loss of IQ points, and a decrease in one's own social standing within their respective music scene.
"Oh man, look over there, it's a couple of CBScenes!"

"Quick, run away before they can tell you how much they loved the new Cobra Starship album!"
by justagirl0909 July 17, 2009
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