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A style of martial art that was started by brazilian slaves (unverified). A style easily recognized by it's dance-like movements and gymnast quality acrobatics. The rhoda (pronounced 'hoda') is commonly seen in many movies. The rhoda consists of a group of capoieraistas formed in a rough circle. 2 people enter into this circle and commence to "play the game" or in more common terms spar with each other. The tempo of each rhoda is set by the birembau, a single stringed instrument used primarlily by practioners of this style. Popularized by the Tekken series of games under the charater Eddie Gordo.
The guy from Tony Jaa's "The Protector", you know the one with PRAY scarred into his chest. He's a excellent martial artist and his primary style is Capoiera.
by Cpl D, R.L. July 27, 2009
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