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An individual working in the construction, design, and/or engineering industry that does most or all of their work on AutoCAD, a computer aided design software made by AutoDesk. Usually runs on sleepless nights and excessive amounts of caffeine or amphetamine.

An engineer (mechanical, civil, electrical, etc.) or designer (architectural, interior, etc.) will usually create drawings from scratch, and a construction/project manager or facilities/space planner will add onto these drawings with necessary construction accoutrement. A collection of these floor and ceiling plans, along with additional schedules, legends, and notes will eventually become construction documents.

Because of the insurmountable mental capacity and a project drawing's tendency to be very time-consuming, an individual working on a CAD project would be known as a CAD slave.
Devan the civil engineer spent 10 hours today and skipped lunch preparing these CDs; he is a literal CAD slave.

Caroline the interior designer in our firm has been sniffling all day. I wonder if she has a cold or if she just came out of the bathroom preparing her day as a CAD slave.

Person 1: I feel bad for Allyson the architect, her computer crashed and all of her CAD files were wiped out of her computer!
Person 2: I guess she has to spend another week as a CAD slave!
by ChinaWhite890 January 16, 2018
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