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A serious bro whose sexuality can be questionable at times.
David, "What's up C-3pbro."
Paul, "Nothin. Watching Twilight. Wanna play some gamecube?"
David, "Sure, sounds gr--- wait... what?"
by jjohs May 03, 2010
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Yo, a fucking tool who tells everyone everything like a little snitch asshole. He gets all excited and starts waving his arms like a fucking gay golden british robot who likes R2D2's little satellite shit shoved up his metallic ass. He needs to be with people at all times or else they will talk shit about him. never sleeps, but you can unplug him and run down his battery if there are a lack of guys in the room for him to hit on.
"What the fuck is up with that gay golden robot that keeps trying to tug on my cock?"

"I don't know, he's a fucking C3P Bro."
by nigggaaa 3333000 October 17, 2008
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