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A place behind Mamaroneck High School in Weschester at the corner of Fultonrd and Woodbind roads. Where all the kids who are either addicted to nicotine, ciggs or any other drug that is not legal in Mamaroneck to meet up.
"Hey can you get me some stiks at mobile"
"Yeeee meet me at C wall to give me the money"
by White ghetto skank October 24, 2019
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Any college course that requires a grade of C or better to move on to a more advance class or to earn a degree. Failure to eran the required C in these classes often results in people either changing majors dropping out of college.
Did you hear that Joe got a C- in College Algebra? Now that he's hit a C-wall, he's going to have to become a theatre major just like us.
by JonathanChance October 02, 2003
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