A phrase which has no particular meaning. Commonly used as a meme.

The phrase comes from Adrijus Bee AKA Adrijus08, a simple but odd misinterpretation of the song ‘In My Room’ by Frank Ocean whilst in the back of a friends car. The true lyrics of which he was trying to interpret were “…no sleeper seats, that’s a mattress”.

The entire video was a video filmed by Joel Long AKA minigod802, it was a daily video that would include Ryan, Adrijus & Joel, where they would say “LAAAHD” an odd but interesting way to keep memories of being in the back of Cody’s car (as it was only that year they would be in that car after school).

The phrase resurfaced as Ryan Monty AKA Paulie__Dee rewatched the video and found the phrase that Adrijus said quite amusing. This lead to Ryan saying the phrase frequently and making an inside joke, nowadays the phrase is said by millions across the world, including celebrities like: Drake, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Joji, The Burger King mascot etc.
Person 1: “C Sectioned A Mattress”

Person 2: “The fuck?”

Person 3: “Bro think he Fintan or Sheamus
by FAT KHUNT September 29, 2022
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