The Lord of the lords and king of the kings, often ruling a certain faction of the ghetto by gang rule or by fear. He's pretty much the master pimp in a certain area, to keep it short.
by Jack Doe45 September 1, 2007
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usually ginger. hard partier. keen for any kind of puss. has a fetish for girls pooping in his mouth (or boys if they're keen).
''Faaaar , when i go out tonight im going to be a Papa C!"

Michael: "Wow did you see that guy the other night?!"
Willy: "I know right, he was a total Papa C! "
by MakeOrBreak November 20, 2013
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This word comes from the ancient greek word "jaiceemayaaapopscoona," which means "cat shit." The literal translation is feline feces that were injected into the leg of a wild boar so that he could not escape and molest the other baby boars.
The Jay-C-Maya-Papa-Cue-Na I had in my syringe is no longer there because I injected all of it into that boar because it was going to rape the other baby boars.
by The Button Man January 2, 2005
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This day is devoted to a man called papa c 😊😊😊 papa c day is on february 8th
Hey guys! It’s papa c day!!!
by pooppddop February 8, 2023
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