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1. n.) The form of party assault generally practiced by the Buzzsaw Nation and known to raise the atmosphere of an event to epic levels, usually including sessions of Buzzlegums, the appearance of pink pancakes and the occasional occurence of a mitch off.

2. n.) The Legendary technique of increasing celebration intensity at events normally attended by urban dictionary rockstars such as pooh, ghetto definiton #75, rerun def#3 and Walker def #4
USC never saw the Husky Buzzkrieg hurtling at them until it was too late.

Two words...Bloomsburg Buzzkrieg

Pi Kapp Alpha completely brought a Buzzkrieg to the Delta Delta Delta spring formal.

The Irondale will never be the same after the 'Saws Buzzkrieg...nor will it's bushes.

Talladega Boulevard...Sierra Papa...Where's Vegas, Daddy NO! Viking funeral...Buzzkrieg
by the TiVO September 24, 2009
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