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Buzzigh is the feeling u get when u smoke out of a hookah, but instead of using the traditional Shisha (Hookah Tobaco) You use 3 layers. 1st kayer is a flavor of Shisha, the 2nd is brokend down weed. Just enough to lightly cover the Shisha. The 3rd layer is another layer of Shisha. Then u smoke the hookah as if nothing was different. The initial feeling is a strong buzz, followed by being high, buzzed, tired, and slightly sick. after the sick and tired feelings goes away, u feel a new kind of high feeling for an extended time.
Weezy - "dude i was so fucking buzzigh yesterday!"
Stanky Fingers - "i bet you had a kick ass time!"
Ginger - "POACHER!!!"
by Stanky Fingers January 12, 2010
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