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An exclamation denoting various emotions, e.g. excitement, determination. Similar to the old English slang term huzzah, which Grady et al (1897) hypothesised may have been derived therefrom.

The predominant theory holds that the word was originally only used to express sexual satisfaction. It is said that it derived from human mimicry of mammalian mating sounds, particularly those of bearded batpoles (a type of Slavic fur-bearing megafauna) during the Ice Age.

The first known written use of buzzah was in prehistoric cave paintings, labelling male Neanderthals depicted in sexual congress with women (both Neanderthal and homo sapien), other males, and bearded batpoles.

The same word (phonetically) was found in ancient languages such as Egyptian, Hebrew, and Sanskrit, suggesting a common root from antiquity. It is believed that the term evolved organically to cover the gamut of other emotions that it denotes today when people interrupted during intercourse continued to cry 'buzzah' while attacking, flashing, fleeing etc the intruder. This theory is called the Common Rootus Coitus Interruptus Theory of Buzzah.

The less-popular etymological explanation is that the term evolved entirely by coincidence among Neanderthal and various modern human ethnic populations (like the concept of marriage) simply due to the strong urge for people to express their feelings of genital well-being. This theory is known as the Worldwide Genital Satisfaction Theory of Buzzah.
Hector: 'Troy is mother to us all. Buzzah!!!'

Dorothy: 'Shut up, just shut up. You had me at hello' (sob)
Jerry: Buzzah!

Jenna Jameson: 'ooooh, buzzzzaahh!'
by Hanoog January 24, 2014
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A word used for your main man, or a friend that you trust enough to call your brother. Short version buzz is used for any random dude whose name is unknown but you're having a conversation with him anyway. It is rare for a female to be called a buzzah, and even more rare for a female to use the word itself.
>What's going on my buzzah?
>> Nothing much right now, buzz.

>Yo, you got that money from Wallace?
>>Nah, but I passed through his place and told buzz that he got till next week to pay up that pound he owes.
by THEBX41 November 26, 2012
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