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An erection caused by the vibrations of an automobile, bumpy roads or the like. Usually not desired*
"Get out of the car already man!"
"I can't, I'm pitchin a boner man, that road was bumpy."
by Shadedragon December 26, 2008
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Buzz-Boner refers to the amount of buzz in a certain place . If a buzz-boner is on a flop then the place is not fun ; e.g. Church or a Retirement home . If you have a stiff Buzz-Boner you are at sweet house party or a good club .
Person 1 : Man , how was the party last night .

Person 2 : It was shit , some dude got sick on my pooltable and put my Buzz-Boner on a flop .

Person 1 : What a fucking fun-sponge .
Person 2 : Yeah I know right .
by Andrew1134 May 07, 2009
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