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Buttwings are small wings that can be found on the rear-end (butt) of something; they are generally found on non-existent things like Victini and anything that's free to buy.
Victini has a pretty prominent, but small pair of Buttwings that allow it to fly around and cheat the laws of physics.
by Mynamedoesnotmatterinanyway January 10, 2012
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Love handles are are not on the waist but above the butt so it looks like butt wings. They typically protrude over pants and are very obvious.
Damn, that bitch has buttwings!
by poodypaul November 07, 2007
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When a girl gets a tattoo on her lower back, most often the tribal lines type.
I think butt-wings are hot
by LorgSkyegon December 19, 2004
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This is a distinct accumulation of fatty tissue on the outer thighs near the buttocks. Usually, when a woman begins to gain weight, the butt wings flare outward. This is not the same thing as fat thighs or a fat ass - it is the area of the anatomy where the buttocks and upper (rear) thighs meet. Butt wings occur on women in their 20s who neglect their bodies (ie. do not exercise or walk regularly) and are more common on American college campuses. Tights and leggings reveal butt wings that jeans or skirts might hide. Butt wings contribute to the pear shape of some women with large hips.
I thought that girl was hot until I noticed her butt wings.

I can't wear polyester pants because they don't hide my butt wings.

Some men anchor themselves into place during cunnilingus by grabbing onto a woman's butt wings.
by Hollywoodknight November 17, 2011
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