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An American who takes it too seriously when some one from Europe or Canada makes fun of him for living in a country filled with Fat, Retarded, Culturally defficient retards, and then whines about it every chance he can whilst talking to aa European, or a Canuck (I say this with affection.

Granted that makes a minir percentage of the population of our country and, being stereotyped sucks.

Yet these Fat, retarded, Culturally defficient retards some how end up running our god damned government.
So apparently, we have a fucking problem... Stop electing retards.
Example 1.

Person 1: This guy from England told me over an Anonymous chatroom that he thinks I'm fat and stupid because I live in the U.S. I'm going to go find my Canadian friend and whine at him.

Person 2: *eating his Mountain dew flavored dorrito cupcakes.* You do that, Billy-bob!

Person 1: 'MURIKA

Example 2:

Person 3: *Random European guy talking to his friend.* I totally trolled that Butthurt American last night.

Person 4: You should have invited me.
by Whywasn'tIborninAustralia March 09, 2013
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