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To "butt gobble" or butt gobbling is the act of spreading your partner's ass cheeks to reveal their anus. The one spreading the cheeks then proceeds to lick and nibble the presented hole in an aggressive manner. After an extended period of tongue-punching the fartbox, your partner's ass sphincter will relax and methane gas will pour out of the gates. The lucky butt spreader will then have the pleasure of gobbling the highly concentrated dose of grade A smug.
Meat Castle #1: Will you allow me the pleasure of appeasing the Gods by letting me Butt gobble you?

Meat Castle #2: Sure, I'll post up on this chair so you'll have the best plan of attack.

*20 minutes later*

Meat Castle #2: Nice butt gobbling, I'm ready to blow!

Meat Castle #1: Thanks for letting dine on your turd cloud.
by SteveCoreyFoRealz November 10, 2013
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