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A warm, moist cloud of ass which is often found flowing in and around 1991 Ford Escorts (blue). The odor of butt exhaust can be described as pungent, revolting, horrifying, tasty, vulgar, and magical. Butt Exhaust is known for its ability to clear a room and induce vomitting on a level only just discovered by man kind. Butt Exhaust sounds range from a quiet "wheeeep" to a loud and symphonic "PPFFFTTTTHHHHHHH pop pop pop poooweeeeeee"
Butt Exhaust, also known as "Blastin' One" or "Ass Eruption" is extremely toxic, and is best avoided.
I used my butt exhaust to propel me across the airport hangar.

The butt exhaust following this Mexican buffet is guaranteed to be momentus and destructive.

Yikes! That butt exhaust has caused me to lose all feeling in the left side of my body!
by threeholeb July 24, 2010
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