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Delicious treat were you get a spoon and rub smuckers jam all over your butt cheeks and anus.
Alec had his friend Jose butt smuckers him, only to cause his hairy anus to crust up and cause constipation.
by FatHungryBitch5000 December 26, 2012
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Reffering to the word buttfucker in a PG 13 manner ~~~ often used against someone homosexual or something being a total dueche bag. or just to have fun with friends
Dood your such buttsmucker!
by iAr7y13rB3ast October 14, 2009
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dani and jess the coolest peeps on earth and hottest..... uhhuh we like to smuck butts
by cok June 08, 2003
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