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This term is coined to describe a person, who,

will bite off your asscheek, maybe literally, maybe figuratively, but almost always, demonstratably, for the money you have in your wallet, if not your wallet (with your ID and credit cards inside), and/or whatever else they want to drain from you, like, your lifeblood or your eternal soul, or your entire being.

Usually this term might be used to define a little sister or brother, or even a friend or acquaintance, who is just an annoying little sexually-active kind of fucker who retaliates aginst you with a lasting impression when you stand up to them and their shit, and leaves the victim needing considerable time to heal, plot revenge against, and, definitely, warn others against apporaching said danger.

More specifically, this term is used in dealing with someone who, after having some kind of realtionship with(possibly sexual), will break it off (more like 'stick it in and break it off')from you, leaving you psychologically imbalanced and needing contact with said person to rebalance, only to be rebuffed, constantly with disdainful and dismissive words, actions, and demeanor, making you wait for days and years on end for the rare, if ever, occurence of them making contact with you when they want something, usually financially draining, and psychologically disturbing.

Avoid persons of these types at all costs. Failure to heed to warnings from friends and family, will cause acute psychological trauma, that may take years to heal.

one of the signs that you may be dealing with persons of these types is when they reply to you when asked if they want to do something is the phrase...

"Well, I'll just have to see if I feel like it...."

if that person utters that phrase at you, then, Danger, Will Robinson! Take Immediate evasive action! head for the hills and make sure you got your wallet with you! Person is radioactive in a wannabe non-chalant kinda way. Person may be a sociopath who feeds off of the energy of frustration you exert on them. They will drain you dry!
And if you're broke, thank your lucky stars, they may just drop you, and if that happens, RUN LIKE HELL, don't calmly walk away...even though they dont want you around, and act like it...they still got the tractor beams working overdrive on your brain, even though they may or may not realize it (as if they really cared.)

some variants - But Mun Cho, asian variant
- Bert Muncho, male variant
- IRS, America's perrenial variant especially
around April 15
- other variants to numerous to list.
Back off Larry, that girl you dig a Butt Munching Ho.
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