DanEZPZ was doing bqscott, his Business Partner.
by TheProhacker March 27, 2009
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A pompous job title self-servingly contrived by human resource (HR) "professionals" to be applied to themselves, obviously intended to justify the existence and further expansion of the HR function within business organizations. A further objective of this ruse appears to be propagation of the illusion that the HR function possesses a holistic grasp of broader strategic issues facing the organization enabling it to contribute expanded economic value and thereby providing justification for elevated compensation demands for HR staff.

A look at online job advertisements will confirm that the use of this title is spreading faster than a California wildfire, giving credence to the notion that this scheme was recently cooked up in some HR industry association initiative as a way to rebrand HR "professionals" as being more than the administrative paper pushers they, in fact, are.

The absurdity of this inflated moniker is further appreciated when one considers that no other functions appear to have widely implemented similar titles in their functions. For example, one seldom sees job postings for bizarre titles such as "engineering business partner", "sales business partner", or "legal business partner".
Castle: "Hey Russo, what's with that new idiotic title of yours I saw on LinkedIn? Human Resources Business Partner? You've got to be kidding me."

Russo: "Come on Frank, it's a title to reflect the greater value I bring to the business."

Castle: "Jesus, Billy, you and I both know you that you don't know a damn thing about business and that the only reason you’re in HR is because you flunked out of all the other departments."
by Clark F. Kent March 21, 2019
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