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The Contard Bushfag is the most obnoxious of the contard family. Immediately changing any statement about the failings of the Bush adminsitration, into a rant about how it's somehow the "libs" fault. Defending every idiotic thing that the drunken awol cheerleader does or has done, by screaming that "libs support terrorists!" or "libs are un-American." Ultimately exposing their obviously gay fantasies about the frat boy cheerleader, by constantly bringing up the fact that "Bill Clinton had an affair with a Woman!"
A straight heterosexual American says to a Contard Bushfag, "So how do you explain the fact that Bush obviously lied about WMDs?"
The Contard Bushfag immediately explodes into, "Well Bill Clinton got a blow job! And then LIED about it! He LIED under oath! He Let Bin Laden get away! Not only that but he got a blowjob from a WOMAN!"
by Fixergood August 22, 2006
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