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(Political) a.k.a. "Stimulus package".

A rebate check direct from the US government that you don't have to submit a form to the IRS to get. Apparently "pennies from heaven", this attempt to bribe the American public actually increases the National Debt and no benefit will be seen, except that it will leave the Democrats holding a more disastrous fiscal situation when they claim the Presidency in 2009. The Republicans are actually trying to destroy this country's economy just to make the Democrats look bad.

The irony is that this is brought to you the people who preach "fiscal responsibility", and slam "tax and spend" liberals. This "tax less and spend more" philosophy is a natural consequence of twice voting in a President who can barely elicit a monosyllable without prompts, and whose response to the question: "Mr President, what is two and two?" would be "Ummm... about a gajillion, right?"
Guy1: "Did you get Bush's bribe yet?"
Guy2: "Yeah: sent half of it to the Obama campaign."
by UncleDes October 26, 2008
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