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(n.) a temporary syndrome, during which one exhibits the symptoms of intermittently and repetitively standing up from the bus stop bench, walking to the curb and occasionally far into the street, and looking far down the approaching roadway only to sit down again immediately thereafter. This can lead to the more permanent condition known as Bus Stop Syndrome which is more prevalent for those who remain in a seated position. Those who are particulary adept at Bus Spotting seem to be immune from this syndrome. The syndrome is alleviated when the awaited bus arrives, and may be accompanied by a bus jig. Another known cure for this syndrome is to quickly slam a beer or another alcoholic beverage while waiting.
Jack, seated: Hey man, if you need to get up and dance around, the bathroom's behind the bus stop, not in front of it!

Moe: No, this thing is supposed to come by every 10 minutes and it's been about 25 since I've been here!

Jack: I think you might have a case of Bus Anxiety. You better crack a beer and get that taken care of.
by ssppuunn October 11, 2009
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