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Considered the bus avoid among the children of St Edwards and St Joesephs Gosford. It heads towards the ghetto/ hood of Umina. The residents of this bus are seen to be some of the 'badest' and most notorious niggaz on the Coast. The people travelling on this bus often engage in various crimes such as: stealing, assault, murder, being a sick cunt and other illegal shit. The prodominant gang inhabiting the bus is known as the 'Umina Blood Conference' aka the 'bee's knee's, mother fucking sluggerz'. Shit goes down on this bus and the only safe seats are the first on the right and on the bus drivers lap. Passengers better watch their back.
Example 1

Passenger 1: Lets sit on the back seat of Bus 81

Passenger 2: Oh hell nah dawg. that seats reserved for the baddest mothers, ya hear!

Passenger 1: Dont be silly, it will be fine

Umina Blood Conference: The hell ya'll niggaz doing up in my house asshole


Example 2: Blood Conversation Conversation

The Daddy Yo: Hey bra

The Dewce: Skuxxin lad, s'happenin

The Daddy Yo: Pimpin, slaying hoes, rideing on 64's

The Dewce: nice mayne, real nayce

Example 3

Cop Slapper: Where's Sexual chocolate at

Sexy Choc: Sexing it up, ya know mean nigga
by The Realest Fool aka sexy choc September 25, 2010
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