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Bus Theory. Bus Theory occurs when there has been a prolonged dry spell of male or female action (depending on preference of the individual). Typically after said period of time 'dry' multiple girls appear to take interest in you at the same time. This is just like buses in London, you wait a while and then a few turn up at the same time.

Like buses, the girls in question can be described in different ways. Typically, a short girl is known as a single decker, and the term double decker is usually used when referring to a larger,or taller girl. Some may even make use of the term "bendy-bus" when the female in question is something special, or has features out of the ordinary. 'Buses' may also be referred to as other large vehicles, such as executive coaches if the 'bus' is extremely good looking, or a rubbish lorry if the girl was a clear mistake.
I got some serious bus theory going on man, one's an executive coach but with a crap personality, and the other's pretty much a Lorry, but she's lovely, what should I do?!
by Hewsey November 28, 2010
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