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n. An inverted form of the burrito. The burriot may be constructed in two ways:

a. A tightly rolled tortilla dipped multiple times in a puree of ( chicken/beef/pork + beans + rice + lettuce + tomato + avacado + sour cream), waiting 30 minutes between each dip for the layer to harden, and thus achieving an outer shell of 3/4 inch thickness overall. The resulting dish has a satisfying crunch to it but none of the heterogeneity of a burrito.

b. A tortilla is wrapped around a rotisserie-like rotating stick, and the chef alternates brushing on "glue" layers with sprinkling the other ingredients: painting the cheese, sprinkling the rice, painting the guacamole, sprinkling the chicken/beef/pork, painting the sour cream, sprinkling the beans, painting some more cheese on there because fuck it, at this point, why not, then not even bothering with the lettuce or tomato because that's just gonna disappoint the target audience for this kind of thing
Person #1: Sir, what in the name of Cesar Chavez is wrong with your burrito?

Person #2: Nothing, it's a burriot! Want some?

Person #1: No... no thank you.
by haydubs February 13, 2013
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