Burrillville is a shitty high school in Rhode Island that was mainly known for it's shitty hockey team until the spring of 2017 when a huge sexting scandal hit the school. For years some guys in the school had a Dropbox where guys would put nudes and porn of their girlfriends. The slutty and attentions seeking girls didn't care and lots of guys, both in school and out, had access to the photos. The whole thing was finally busted when some noisy parent found out about it and called the cops. The slutty thots now have to use more traditional ways to act slutty and get attention.
I wish everything in like was as easy as the girls in Burrillville high school.
by oceancats August 07, 2017
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A high school in Burrillville, Rhode Island. BHS is a big, confusing school but everyone knows everyone else. It is full of drama and the week wouldn't be complete with out at least one fight. Burrillville High School is known for its athletics, especially hockey. The rival school is Mount Saint Charles Acadmey (Mount).
"All the students at Burrillville High School hate the students at Mount."
by BrushThaHatersOff February 27, 2010
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