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A form of non-verbal acknowledgement, usually among men, occurring after eye contact is made while walking, shopping, or out in the city. After the nod is used, eye contact is broken. Its meaning may be interpreted as "You see me, I see you. I recognize you are doing your thing and I respect it."

Proper usage: You are walking down Central and you see someone at a distance walking the opposite direction on the sidewalk with a nose that looks like it has been broken several times. Avoid starring (that is rude) until at an appropriate visual distance then attempt eye contact. After eye contact is made by both parties slightly nod your head in their direction and look away. Continue your walk down Central.
"When visiting San Francisco from New Mexico avoid the Burque Nod in the Tenderloin unless you want more attention from the crack heads & tweakers."
by diSilico September 11, 2015
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