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The spouse, partner, or lover of someone who attends the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, NV that happens the week before, and including, Labor Day. As the event approaches, the spouse, partner, or lover feels increasingly abandoned while the crazed Burner becomes consumed with preparation for the event. The Burning Man widow eventually gives up all hope of making contact with the crazed Burner, even though they may live in the same house.

The average Burner can be gone anywhere from three days to three weeks. When the Burner returns, it pees itself blathering on and on about what happened at the Burn, while already making preparations for the following year. The Burning Man widow listens patiently (for the first couple of weeks), while trying to prevent their eyes from glazing over, but eventually becomes indifferent or irritated by the constant mention of the Man. Every conversation is peppered with obscure references to various theme camps, art cars, playa foot, the Temple, and port-a-pottie signage.

Oh boy, I can't wait until next year to hear the Greeters say "Welcome Home"!!!
I can't believe she's already planning for next year--I'm going to be a Burning Man widow AGAIN!
by thatsbennett2u October 03, 2009
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