When you are utterly betrayed by one of your family members or closest friends.
I got Burnie Burned by my kids when they made me see that stupid Emoji Movie with them.
by Chris617M August 5, 2017
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Michael Justin Burns, aka "Burnie" (somehow derived from an earlier nickname "Boner"), is a director/actor known for creating the hit internet series "Red vs. Blue" and is said to have kickstarted the machinima craze. Burnie owns the production company Rooster Teeth based in Austin, Texas. Along with a brilliant mind, Burnie has an affinity for sandwiches, being a dick to his employees, killing zombies and cryogenicallly freezing bald people so he can become a black man in the future.
Burnie Burns is one of the original founders of Rooster Teeth.
by jerkalert January 5, 2015
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