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ooh the fabulous Burnap Hall located in Eastern Connecticut State University. This freshmen dorm was built in 1970 and it can and is considered 'not good enough' for many students. the old building houses less than 200 students and many tend to move out before the semester is over. the building has a wonderful view of some very loud construction. the most memorable thing about Burnap Hall is the smell, a constant smell of old porta potty and stale laundry warms the building on the daily ;)
though this is a horrible sounding definition i actually love the place and do recommend it
1- Didn't you used to live in burnap hall ?

2- yes, i did but the people and the smell really got to me..

1- what's wrong w the people ?

2- they all seemed lk weird hippies
by Ebaby85 December 22, 2009
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