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A perfect vulva aka Vagina, pussy, snatch. cunt. twat, quivering love mound, lovehole, hole, warm hole. gushy gushy, vag, slit, box, cooter, muff, poon, fanny, gash, coochie, cooch, poontang, poonanie, minge, puss, beaver,bearded clam, donut, honey pot, fuckhole, nookie, and vertical smile. A tight, clean and neat, virgin-like vulva that resembles a half of a cheeseburger.

"I wanna mack the shit out of that burgerpuss."


"That bird has a burgerpuss."
"For real?"
"Yes man, it's perfect."

3. I bet that girl has a burgerpuss.
by Tony Loomin January 24, 2010
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