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A street fighting term used in Glasgow, Scotland. Much like a belly splash but with a subtle difference, the executer of the burger splash must have eaten a 100% beef burger no more than 30 minutes before the move is carried out.

The first know example was the infamous fight between The Big Daddy and The Dark Horse (LL cool G). It is said that the burger splash was delivered with such ferocity that the imprint of The Dark Horse (LL cool G) can still be felt by all the road users that drive over it on St Vincent Street everyday.

Rumour has it that the film Any Which Way But Loose is based on these events and the character Philo Beddoe was modelled on The Big Daddy while the inspiration for Tank Murdoch was taken from The Dark Horse (LL cool G). However this is unconfirmed.
The most devastating move in sports entertainment has just been unleashed, the burger splash.

I don’t believe it! The Pink Parotkeet has just Burger Splashed that guy.
by brian873 March 27, 2007
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