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The act of slapping someones (male or female) breast in an upward motion, followed quickly by a downward slap of the same breast whilst saying "burger flop" timed in succession with the slaps. This is to be done as quick as possible in order to avoid being blocked.

Variations include the "Rainbow", where you upward slap one breast, downward slap the other, then repeat with your opposite hand on their opposite breasts; the "McDouble Flop", which is two burger flops at the same time; the "Patty Cake", which is like a McDouble, except you do one side in reverse and finish with an open hand shove to the chest; and the "Animal", which is just wildly slapping the breasts from all directions while screaming like Animal from the Muppets.
Edwin just totally burger flopped me as I was writing this definition.
by KingSixed July 19, 2010
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