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similar to band wagoner, but when some one has passed away before their time and everyone starts saying that the person who has died was their "best friend", or that they were so close with the person. mainly occurs in people who don't really have a cause in life and need to find some way to get attention and feel like they've done something productive for once. mostly occurs with teen deaths.
person 1: did you hear about joe? :(
Burden wagoner: yeah man, its too bad, that kid was my best friend.

person 1: didnt you only have like 1 class with him?
Burden wagoner: nah man. we hung out all the time and we were real close
person 1: oh, yeah okay.
Burden wagoner: no im serious, we really did hang out all the time.
person 1: alright. (sarcasm)
by jigggg November 23, 2011
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