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This epidemic became clear starting in Jan 2008 in the city of Tampa. It has caused many Programmers to miss work as well as baby seals to be clubbed to death on far away shores.

* Stuffy or Runny Nose
* Urge to eat Chocolate
* Urge to miss work
* Loss or Shortness of Breath
Cause This epidemic was traced back to a programmer CBurck (patient zero). Epidemiologists tracked the strain all the way back New Orleans, LA. The strain is highly contagious and can be passed through the internet, coughing, and sharing air with a person infected.
If one comes in contact with CBurck PLEASE put a SARS mask on ASAP and avoid physical contact with the subject.

This encounter could cost you your job!
I caught Burckatitus from some kids at Walt Disney World, baby seals beware.
by Christain Burke February 29, 2008
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