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A thin, viscous substance similar to dirty water that seeps from one's bleeding asshole. Bung water is water contaminated from gastric fluid built up over years of unhealthy digestion. A person who suffers from bung water seepage is completely worthless, but can save themselves if they fashion themselves a bum cover from silk.
Philip: "Hey dude my bung is super leaky and wet lately."
Sam "That is called bung water, you're fucked."
Philip "Ah dude can i borrow your bum cover?"
Sam " FO SHO!"
by Bungking July 17, 2008
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a term derriving from ancient indian culture in witch they drank water that had drugs in it

used in situations in witch you have just been made fun of/owned
1700s- native american: pass the bungwater

2000s- Danni Jacobs- your absolutely gay

Me- Bungwater dude.
by johnny cockhead March 18, 2008
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