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A word which can be used for almost anything, anytime and anywhere.
"Did you see that ?, the The ball hit that guy straight In the Bung Bong".

"I had such terrible stomach pains this morning, I went to the toilet and did an extremely wet and sloppy Bung Bong, after wards I was so relieved".

"Oh you Idiot !!, We can't change the channel on the TV without the Bung Bong".

"Hey man are you getting on the piss tonight ?, Ah not sure yet, I wouldn't mind it though Because its been quite some time since of been Bung Bonged".

"This games night is Bung Bong I'm having so much fun !!, and to think I was going to stay home and watch some Bung Bong and pull my Bung Bong until I Bung Bong and get Bung Bong everywhere. The only thing Bung Bong about this night is that I dropped my Bung Bong on the floor and it smashed everywhere, I had to lick all the sweet Bung Bong of the floor".
by Harold Pullen April 28, 2011
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