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In reference to a boyfriend who displays traits of both bum and dog, good or bad, but is nevertheless bummy.
Last night, I came home from work and per usual I called out to my boyfriend and to no surprise he was out in the backyard acting like a total bumdog.
by BumDog January 08, 2015
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A way to express disappointment or grief. Something to say when you're sad when talking to a bro.
Bro 1: Hey dude can you pick me up on your way to Dave's?
Bro 2: No way.

Bro 1: Bum dog.


Bro 1: Hey dude wanna go skydiving?
Bro 2: Not since I broke my knees.
Bro 1: Bum dog.
by tradbro August 20, 2018
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