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A poorly thought out, horrendously executed, abysmally mediocre attempt at advertising computer accessories at the guise of combating "online harassment" that female gamers are facing in online multiplayer games, particularly CS:GO;

Such premise consists of acting as a defender of a female player being harassed ingame who, instead of using a mute button and or reporting said bully, will instead go to a website called and will uncringingly hand over her personal steam account credentials (nothing idiotic about that).

This will supposedly notify a "bully hunter" who is a "totally skilled and elite female player" who will then swoop into the gaming session like a hero and proceed to digitally kill a bully in a fictional simulation so that he may see the error of his ways and re-think about his life choices.

Their dreams of being an organization of bad ass vigilantes who will strike fear into the hearts of bullies and trolls were sadly dashed into pieces last thursday when their first live stream became one of the most cringiest, awkward, face-palming, unrealistic and obviously staged demonstrations.

The website and the project was quickly terminated and the participants and their sponsors never spoke of it ever again. If anything, the project only became an example of what happens when people whose heads are so high in the clouds that they were never "bullied" out of their high horse and proceeded to be catered by an equally dense advertising campaign.
What they think will happen if the Bully Hunters were implemented in a real game:

Gamer Bully: Haha! You are a woman and a gamer, thus more inferior than me!

Gamer girl: Your cruelty and harassment ends now. (calls bully hunters)

Gamer bully: Oh no! A bully hunter!

Bully hunter: That's right, your bullying days are over (joins gamer girls team and easily kills bully)

Gamer Bully: Nooo! Why did I ever chose to harass women?!!

Bully Hunter: Harassment is not a game. (leaves)

What REALLY happens if the Bully Hunters were implemented in a real game:

Gamer Bully: lol bitch u weakass skank, ur only good for sucking cock.

Gamer girl: Stop harassing me or I'll call a bully hunter on you!

Gamer Bully: lololol bring her in, lets do a threesome

(the bully hunter will then enter the gaming session and realize that the bully is on her team, after several lulzy attempts, she finally manages to kill the bully but then get banned herself for team killing).

Gamer Bully: lol dumb bitch. (respawns and proceeds to continue harassing gamer girl until she quits).
by Lancarnesty May 31, 2018
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