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Of the origin of Snoop Dogg's diction, meaning and/or referring to

1) "Bullshit" that surpasses the usual levels of common "bullshit."

2) An angry or enraged bull's snorting/the sounds a bull makes when angered or enraged.

3) A series of lies and fallacies set to a beat.

4) Used when there are no other possible words that pertain to the current context.

1) WOAH, man. Cool it with that bullshizznizzle. No one believes your fool ass.

2) Shit, that bull's got some serious bullshizznizzle going. Better get the FUCK out of his way.

3) "Bow in the presence of greatness/ Right now thou has forsaken us/ You should be honored by my lateness/ That I would even show UP to this fake shit."

4) Can you hand me that bullshizznizzle over there?
by Fuck if I know. September 13, 2010
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