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A person who talks a lot of bullshit. It's a blend of the word 'Bullshit' and the name 'Hitler'.
I can't believe Fred, he's such a bullshitler.
by Eva Braunshitler November 17, 2011
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Term to describe a person espousing nasty bigoted views and who has no interest in being truthful.
See "Donald Trump".
The crowd unanimously shouted "bullshitler" as they marched past Trump hotel.
by mercime July 25, 2017
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A hysterical illLiberal who calls everyone they disagree with "Hitler" or its synonyms "Nazi" or "Brownshits" or "Racist" or "Islamaphobic", often saying "You are literally Hitler",

always directed at a person that is slightly rational, a millimeter to the right of Karl Marx, for free speech and free choice, usually screamed when they are losing an argument, to shut the "other lessers" up.

However the worst self unaware problem with "BullsHitlers" is the unfathomable belittling, lessening and demeaning of the true horrors of the 12 million WWII Jews, Roma, Gays, Poles, Russians, Allied soldiers, Catholics and Dissidents that Adolf Hitler and actual Nazis systematical killed in an industrial manner unseen before in the free world.

This is the "BullsHitlers" highest crime, its against decency and respect and free speech.

Help make it stop.

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Just search "Hitler" on twitter on anyday.

BullsHitlers often say things such as "Most white women voted for Trump, so they are all just as good as Hitler, they're all f**king Nazis"

Typical 'BullsHitlers" are University Professors or detached and unaffected Hollywood elites, actors, actresses, writers lunatic left liberals, such as JK Rowling @jk_rowling, Sarah Silverman @SarahKSilverman, Meryl Streep , Jim Jeffries @jimjefferies , Wanda Sykes @iamwandasykes,

and politicized quasi non-profit institutes that claim to be doing good and antifascist but act in an facist manner to silence opposing ideas and speech such as The Southern Poverty Law Center @splcenter or The Clinton Foundation and Soros's The OpenSociety Foundation @OpenSociety

and the most openly blatantly violent example Antifa @NYCAntifa
by @DissidentBeaver February 13, 2017
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