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This term originates from when any mom carrying a baby or pushing a baby stroller feels so entitled to space that she becomes immune from all danger or trouble. For example: When she is in a crowded shopping mall and she just barges straight thru all the people, like she is DARING someone to bump into to her or the baby. Also very common is for her to just walk right out into traffic without looking for cars, i.e. because she "has a baby". It is assumed this entitlement comes from the social factor that anybody harming the baby would be at fault, even though baby momma is acting recklessly. It may also happen because baby momma assumes if the baby gets hurt, she will have a big financial payout. This may be why bulletproof baby syndrome often occurs more in lower income areas, but still can happen in any economic strata.
Check out baby momma walking out into traffic without looking ........guess she's got bulletproof baby with her in the stroller , so she's the terminator now.
by SirWonky July 18, 2017
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