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The event commonly found in action movies wherein all present in a particular scene pull out firearms (often high-caliber) and start spraying hot lead at each other for the next few minutes. Such scenes are known to result in high body counts and more counts of Attempted Murder per minute than a good Auctioneer can get out Words per minute.

Frequent features of these scenes include how the Protagonist of the film mysteriously never has to reload during the scene or else has the ability to fire his otherwise Semiautomatic pistols at the rate of Miniguns while suffering no penalty to Accuracy attributed to Recoil. In addition, if he DOES have to reload during the scene, extra clips and replacement weapons are always conveniently placed around the area of the firefight. Enemy forces have astounding accuracy, but only in regard to their mutual interest in kicking up dirt around the Protagonist's feet as they run for cover as opposed to being interested in actually hitting the Protagonist. Lastly, most enemy forces appear to be wearing body armor with the density and effective protection factor of Pillows and also seem to be little more than semi-intelligent 50-gallon bags of pressurized blood.
The Bulletfest has been a mainstay of action movies since the 1970s and has been responsible for such things as the "R" movie rating, among others. It is almost always the most unrealistic, but simultaneously the coolest, event of most action movies.
Yeah, that Bulletfest at the end of the movie was so unrealistic, there were guys dropping even when there were no bullets being fired. It was still pretty cool, though.
by JATOG THE GREEN July 20, 2009
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