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Refers to the mentality of an individual who only understands the words "work" "eat" and "fuck". People with the bulldog mentality usually are not very bright and have little to no logical sense nor social mannerism.

General discription is as follows but are not limited to:
-Putting a 16 year old's driving to shame.
-Spitting on the ground in front of others' direct path of walking.
-Not understanding that pointing and waving are jesters of communication.
-Not knowing how to say "excuse me" when brushing past someone.
-Avoiding eye contact when looked at.
-Staring at you when they think you aren't paying attention.
And lastly
-Walking in the middle of traffic like they are somehow invincible and that no one will run their ass flat over.

Having a Bulldog Mentality is commonly confused with go-getter and workaholic. Boy, are they wrong.
Co-worker 1: Hey, have you seen the new guy?
Co-worker 2: Yeah. I had to constantly repeat myself. He doesn't understand small talk. He has no favorite shows, movies, places to go nor hobbies/pastimes. As a matter of fact, he has no real personality.
Co-worker 1: The guy, for a lack of better word, is a brick wall but he gets work done. We can't eat our cake and have it too.

Co-worker 2: Why did higher management make this switch in body?
Co-worker 1: Cheaper; He works longer ours and takes home smaller pay. Expect more of this.
Co-worker 2: That figures. I'll be handing in my gear tomorrow. I can't cooperate nor relate to people with the bulldog mentality. It's like trying to communicate with an illiterate 6 year old with Asperger's Syndrome topped with a Chip on their Shoulder.
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by LemonLimePoprocks August 27, 2017
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