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A medical condition affecting short, thick, squat, red-headed girls in college. One sad man that encountered one, referred to her appearance as "freckles in every areas," in reference to the abundant distribution of freckles on her whole body, even the breasts and buttocks regions. These typically are soccer players, or used to play soccer or softball (which contributes to their physical shape), or like to date soccer players. This condition is similar to the Napoleon complex that affects shorter men. They tend to be overly confident in their appearance and desirability to the opposite sex. They like to refer to everybody as "hun" or some other cute term that makes them feel superior to others while also sounding like they sincerely like them.

If one is to have relations of any kind with a woman of this sort, they should be prepared for everybody to know about how "she thought you were cute, but just not her type," even though the opposite is quite true.

Also, should you be exposed to a woman suffering from Bukemia, you should immediately either remove her head from her body, cut your penis off, or preferentially, both.

There are support groups for men who have been severly traumatized by Bukemia. The first documented case of Bukemia occurred in Decatur, IL. His name is believed to have been Steve. Rest in peace, Steve; she can't hurt you anymore.
"Hey, what happened to Steve? He looks like he hasn't eaten or slept in weeks."

"It's not good..."

"What do you mean? Does he have AIDS or or cancer something bad?"

"It's worse than that..."

"No, don't tell me. Can he really have it? You mean he has Bukemia?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry to say. He got it from Carrie. It's a bad case, too. I hear he's too weak to cut off her head, so it looks like he's going to have to, you know..."

"Poor Steve. I can't believe it's coming to this. He's really going to have to cut his junk off? We should have a bake sale or some kind of fund raiser to help him. We need to get the word out that Bukemia is becoming an epidemic, and that it can happen to anybody."
by HarvardHamsterLover March 10, 2010
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