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The History of Bukake is well chronicled. However, there is a ommission from the literary record. That is the importance of the Bukake Ninjas.

The Bukake Ninjas used an extreme form of Bukake to ridicule their opponents in battle. In Feudal japan, Bukake Ninjas were the most feared of all enemies, because after a defeat they would take all females from a village, be it mothers, daugthers or grandmothers and force these women into unremitting bukake.

It has been said that because of their rigorous training, Bukake Ninjas possessed an uncanny ability to produce insane amounts of semen, which they squirted over their victims face and torso.

Today, the Bukake Ninjas no longer exist, however their despicable acts shall not be forgotten
1. Dude, your an insane Bukake Ninja for what you did to that girl!
2. I'm going to cum all over your face like a Bukake Ninja!
by El Presidente April 04, 2005
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