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1. (n) (often has negative or insulting connotations) A person who's top priority is to be popular. They conform to what everyone else is doing in an attempt to be accepted. Often Bufffalo gossip a lot, and a lot of people gossip about them (amount of facebook friends is another indicator)

2. (n) The "language" used by Buffalos. This includes slang, text talk, and any other words frequently used by Bufffalos that do not appear in the dictionary
1. "I wouldn't trust her with a secret, she's a complete bufffalo."
"how can you tell?"
"She has over 5,000 facebook friends and changes her outfit 12 times a day."

2. "I wish people would start speaking English. All this Bufffalo is getting so confusing. How was I to know mad aggy was not referring to an angry goat?"
by pseudonymous ninja November 17, 2011
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