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Pronounced buff-ay-uh-lo
A grey-ish, uniformly textured "meat" found in most all-you-can-eat buffets. It is harvested from a genetically engineered animal with a cubic shape and little to no internal structure. It was created purely to decrease costs and its shape allows for efficient stacking. In order to increase "meat", scientists included no bones or organs in its structure. To account for this, the flesh is stiff enough to keep the animal's shape. As a result, all buffetalo has the texture of half processed rubber and the taste of an over salted slug.

Created by:
Lance-a-lot and Justinian the Wrong
Guy1: "This steak is super tough!"
Guy2: "That's not steak, that's buffetalo."
Guy1: "Ugh... No wonder it tastes like that."

Son: "Hey, have you tried the buffetalo? Its really good tonight!"
Dad: "Wow, you're right! It almost tastes like food!"

At Housecity buffet:
Worker1: "We're almost out of buffetalo over here."
Worker2: "It's fine; I think we have some stacked up in the back."
Worker2: "Great!"
by Justinian the Wrong April 28, 2013
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