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A short connecting road in Cincinnati Ohio. The road connects East Miami River Road to Wesslemen Road.

It is thickly covered in a dense forest as well as Mitchel Memorial Forest. The Road itself is believed to be haunted and plays host to a number of popular urban legends. One of the most prominent of the urban legends is that of an old crematorium deep within the woods. This is actually false. There is a destroyed foundation and an obscene amount of granite and marble deep within the woods next to Zion Road and many believe this to be haunted. This is actually the debris from an observatory being built around 1920 before the great depression hit. The real observatory is found directly behind the old one right across from the park entrance on Zion.

Despite the facts the area could still very well be haunted. The old stones left in the forest were actually brought over from the old Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce building. The building burnt down in 1911 and killed 5 people. The granite was then moved to Buffalo Ridge and many believe it brought the spirits with it.
A.Hey want to go down Buffalo Ridge?

B. Sure let me just find my Ouija Board, white candles, night vision lens, crucifix, evp meter, holy water, sage stick, bible, and rifle. That should be enough to ward off most of the legends.
by i like the ghost November 01, 2009
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