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A leauge of how attractive you are. As written by Sheree Fadil.

Cute is adorable, like a sisterly way. Like your mates sister/Best mate. Can be pretty. Wouldn’t go there.

Pretty is sweet. They are not stunningly pretty but have a natural sweet look about them.

Really good looking but in a natural way. Make effort look effortless.

They look extremely good looking. Drop dead gorgeous. Amazingly pretty. Absolutely amazingly buff! Sex appeal.

Mainly sex appeal. “I’d do her” Unique pretty. Unoriginal. Have this “OMG I WANT YOU” thing about them.

Sexy – Stunning, amazing. Everything really but they seem so good there like out of league. Untouchable. High sex appeal.
omg she is so stunning omg man shes beautiful! love her Buff scale much
by Shereefadil March 12, 2008
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