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The Bueshang (Boo-shang) is a large mythical creature that lives in still waters in the River Red Gum forests on Northern Victoria and Southern NSW, Australia.
This beast is said to feed larger wildlife ranging from Koala to Cattle with the occasional camper.
At night it’s cry echoes hauntingly through the bushland and along the rivers. Unable to swim it inhabits areas of still water such as a billabongs and ventures in to the bushlands at night to feed, dragging it’s pray back to its billabongs to devour. Possibly considered part of the Bunyip and Yowie family, the Bueshang is long legged with great jaws of large teeth that can easily catch the quickest of pray.

Bueshang is a budding artist found mainly on Deviantart
The bueshang cried into the night as the campers listened fretfully.
by LKirkham October 18, 2008
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